why this template rejected, any one please advice for the causes of rejection

Please any one tell me why below html template rejected.Envato mail below
“Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”

Anyone please advice why it is not meet envato quality requirements"

Lyla-one page template



I can see inconsistent font style as one of the reasons. Have a look at http://i.prntscr.com/8gQO-NeHTBOGDEDu64T5VA.png which looks quite good, and now see Blog section - http://i.prntscr.com/TsXLTFj4QPeXp6PzBKVJzA.png . Clearly line height issue.

http://i.prntscr.com/7u9oxgXRTh2dKdiqGSTmXw.png this section looks quite bland. I’m sure reviewers have strong reasons.

Reviewers are great and in most cases very cooperative. So feel free to modify design and submit fresh/resubmit (if it’s allowed).

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your advices, I got hard rejection so I won’t be able to resubmit this item, in future must be careful on this issues, If it was soft rejection, it would have been better, One month’s hard work was lost, Thanks again