Why this template got Hard Rejected?

Recently I have submitted an HTML template in ThemeForest but I got hard rejected. Can anybody help me by finding the hard reject issues and give me some tips on how to resolve them? And what are the main issues of hard reject of the HTML template?

Here is the link- http://themetrading.com/html/canton/

Please help me.

Not bad but it need some polishing, just some of the issues:

When you hover over submenu item in header menu, it becomes almost invisible.

The filter area under slider feels unfinished.

In Featured properties section, the “For Sale” and “For Rent” labels are barely visible.

The content width should be bigger than 1140px, for example I am looking at it using the 2560x1440 display and the content is way too narrow.

The blue footer CTA doesn’t fit the design at all IMHO.

Overall it is nice but you should spend bit more time on improving the details.

Also it is WAY too similar to your existing template - Expoge. The header is almost a carbon copy. Try to make it unique.

Your item design is average quality. There are some basic issues like spacing, typography issues all over the template. Also, the color combinations is very basic. Also, most of the design is not unique