Why this project was regected???

Why this project was regected???
I don’t get it! Please explain me…because i don’t understand it!!!

I don’t know… but these fast “piano trills” sound really strange to my ears…
And the horns are a also a bit too “in a hurry”. It feels like if there was a kind of race, which I find is not “inspirational” :slight_smile:


Not sure. Looks like everything okey to me.

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Definitely because of the trumpet :slightly_smiling_face:

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1st forum post for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just a week old baby here and trying to learn how things work here.
anyways… to the topic, i think maybe a bit more sustain and reverb to the chords would work. secondly i don’t think the drum beat is really working with this track. from 0:22 to 0:34 its seems good.
btw i always get good sound with low velocity. try lowering velocity the chords.
good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone who answer the “call”. So…if I right understand: beat not so good, trumpets definitely bad and composition need some little reverb. BTW i was think to upload the version with trumpets and without, but… . Ok. I will try repair that.

In my opinion is too much nervously.

  1. Piano trills not fit in this kind of music.

  2. Hi hat is a little bit too agresive.
    2.Trumpet sound section is rather from reggae style.

  3. Try maybe more simple ( like background music)

  4. If you can try find more pro sounds.

Good Luck!

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Do what you think better. Good luck!

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Will see… I did almost everything what guys says so…after 2 weeks i will see what happen. Of course for me… i not heare any strange. piano trills it’s live play idea in piano-keyboard when i wrote this. Trumpets had some life and energy for this composition. But you will not please anyone so …

Second change with all ideas… So…15 days and reject…it’s normal…when you have 6-7 rejects in a row (i had that couple times in 2016)…you definitely will take another after … who cares!!! They have a tooth sharpened on me. See my project, send “FBI” for its closing. hahaha…


I think this was rejected because it sounds frenetic and the samples sound fake. Too much fills, too much notes, too much everything. Background music should be way more simple.

Take a listen to the tracks in the catalogue and compare.

I hope this helps.

Hi, yes I agree on the trumpet, and the drums are too nervous, try with a 4/4 bass drum and little else and you will feel the track better. I am also new so…maybe I am wrong!

I mean this second version when i sad about 15 days…


I think this is better, but:

I still find the drums a bit frenetic. Snare fills get distracting, a lot in 0:36. Try tom fills, they sound more gentle. I think it’s not working so good yet to be background music.

Keep going on. You have the composition talent, just work more on the production.