Why this project got Hard reject? Please suggest

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You calendar design is outdated. Needs more creativity.


hi this looks clean, no doubt about it … but quite frankly , if u ask me, this is lacking “additional value” indeed. The fact of the matter is that at a time u can find more and more designs for free download in the internet , this is difficult to imagine someone coming to buy an item without a extra value in my view … the fact of the matter is that, apart from the lack of creativity that @DesignSomething rightfully evoked - which amounts to the same with what I was saying in a way - that u also have nothing really revolutionary when it comes to the typo and as u may know here the typo is a big deal and u are going to be asked much effort about it , in terms of variations, font combinations and possibly original touches too. Moreover, there are also issues as for as the lower part goes, since on the mockup at least, the thing does not look well balanced enough at this stage, for u have more space under the footer elements than in between the lower margin and the start of the calendar. the items there by the way look a bit crammed in the dedicated space and there is a failure in aligning vertically all the “block” of the concerned footer which makes the thing not being as harmonious as it could have been … if colors are harmonious, let’s also face it , the clear red color that u have there is indeed failing to contrast enough and if u get it, contrast being a basic design principle , having anything wrong with it is clearly not a good idea to say the least , even if this is not a blatant problem in this case … but contrasting more would help for readability and making the concerned texts pop out more so that they catch the attention more, too

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Design looks clean but it lacks some core values like additional value and some more text add on’s etc.

Just give it another try by doing some enhancements

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Thanks for your opinion!!

most welcome