why this Print template was reject ?

Several reasons:


  • Font choices esp. the italic ‘Win’ and sign up type sub titles

  • Weight of things like team registration is too heavy

  • There’s no real hierarchy in the main content


  • The 3 circles touching is not ideal and should be spaced and allowed to breath more
  • Spacing between content is inconsistent esp. the contact info which is spaced further than all other parts but at the same time is not styled distinctively
  • The sponsor logos don’t work in the design

hi first of all i am sure that u tried to do your best but quite frankly u already have much of a selling potential issue indeed … the first thing is that why people would buy this one , when they could redo it rather easily and save the money … once this is said this means that according to me u need to put much more graphic effort into it

spacings are uneven, especially in the bottom left corner …

choices of colors are not appropriate if u ask me , not only they bring u to have readability and contrast issues but in addition they are not really harmonious as such … u should try to think about complementary colors indeed …

the typo is very flat and texts , especially titles are not popping out enough indeed

pls create decent fake logos for sponsors, these ones u used are ruining the thing visually

and also try to create a decent make logo that also makes a bit sense with the subject …