Why this logo template is rejected ?

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  • this is not a logo, this is an icon
  • in 2021, the handset looks like a rarity. especially a handset of this shape
  • there is no concept or idea here

Your logo does not work because it is like an icon, please pay attention to it (romlam)


As well as what has already been said - attention to detail is important.
Your imac example is just the icon pasted on top of a background and on the phone the icon is not even properly centrally aligned to the device. Neither are proper mockups


hi sorry to tell u just this but indeed, there is a whole lot of reasons for the item not to make it … first of all, there is a real issue of style … calling this logo is definitely not the right formulation as this is really clipartish style and definitely lacking additional value for this. Sorry to tell u a bit abruptly, i guess, but i i’d rather tell u the ugly truth so that u can figure out how much there a real need for u to put more into it and measure things out as regard to the effort that is needed to have anything accepted here, in particular in such a very difficult category as the logo one …
Indeed, apart from this , the item has close to no commercial potential since , basically, it is taking about two minutes to be redone and thus having very little interest for a person with no time available and wiling to save time and none as well when it comes to people with some knowledge just expecting to buy si thay they can offer better quality items than they can produce by themselves indeed. Moreover, let’s face it all color combinations are sort of far from convincing enough, as most of them fail to value you item enough , out of lacking contrast as far as different parts of it goes. I also believe that u have to keep in min , for your future production that no matter where u are posting in GR, no matter what is the category that u belong to, indeed, much efforts will be expecting in terms of typo, since this is considered as the main point indeed. At this stage, a lof to ingredients are lacking to make the typo look interesting , yours is too flat and common, there is a need for variations, font combinations and touches of originality so that u can ultimately provide people and the platform with a typo having more relief to offer indeed. No doubt that introducing the tagline would help u for that matter by the way. I also recommend not using such “platitude” mockup as the phone one, this is super flat and contributed to make your item look flatter again , while the preview file should generate a “wow effect” and help to convince people - reviewer as well as potential buyers - that the item is worth the drive …


Thank you all for suggesting me. I am new here. I will do my best and do more research. Thank you so much all.

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