Why this logo is Rejected?

Can anyone please tell me the exact reasons???

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Your logo is very similar with another logo already approved. Search for B logo.

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can you please refer me the exact link

sorry! but there is no similarity found except the gradient

B inside a circle ‘’ no similarly ‘’ lol. Also that logo has an ideea /concept weak but there is a concrpt and your logo has no concept.

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it may be your perception but its clearly visible that the circle is holding the initial as brand
thanks for your time, i actually need a perfect reason…

it may be your perception but its clearly visible that the circle is perfectly holding the initial letter “b” as brand,
thanks for your time, i actually need a perfect reason

How many minutes you spend on this? 10? 12? OK keep creating things like this one. Actually we are competitors here. This is a marketplace not a school for newbies.

How many minutes you spend on to conclude the actual reason? 1 or 2 min?
OK so please keep learning to analyze correctly. Factually we are here to solve the issue of each other. This is a forum not a marketplace for newbies like you.

Keep dreaming and enjoy your rejection

hi, to tell u how i feel i think a bit the same as @DesignSomething, as for me, i do not feel this is exactly the same logo but this is though clearly lacking originality in a way … there is nothing really revolutionary at this stage and, in a saturated market as we have today, this is exposing u to have items that are kind of a bit or very similar to what u have done and the interest of your item will this dramatically decrease … i think that u have to identify this, even if, once again, this not completely the same between yours and the one that Designsomething mentioned …

in addition, pls keep it in mind that apart from the overall originality , there is the rest and when u create something far from original in the first place, everything will depend even more having some perfect aside … but this is not what u have here … here is a collection of things to improve in my view …

1- global harmony and color choices
well , the fact of the matter is that the illustration and texts look completely disconnected at the moment and hard to identify that u did not manage to create more of a corporate feeling by associating colors of the illustration in the texts …

2- typo
this is too flat , ;asking originality, variations and combinations … keep in mind that typo is an essential part in the whole GR …

3- global style
u need to make sure of adapting to modern style
nowadays most of the logos are made using the pathfinder much … out of subtracting shapes from other shapes , here u have only an intersection
in addition, the logo is pretty simple and thus somehow some way looks flat …

4- commercial potential
this is as regard to what was mentioned beforehand kind of inevitable … think about it ! who would buy this item when they can have it redone in a very short while?

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Thanks for all of your kind suggestions

u are welcome if u believe that u have “tools” enough for u to go forward u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile:

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good luck and good work buddy , i hope u can make it next time :slight_smile:

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I think the logo is very simple. It should be unique, creative.

thanks for your kind suggestions

thanks dear!