why this logo is rejected please someone tell me?

hi , i personally see a collection of problems here

1- concept
in my view the thing is not perfectly clear … the concept is sort of not strong enough at this stage indeed , u need to bring more sense in th graphic part , the name and initial idea are not bad but graphically rendered as such , the concept is not strong enough yet …

2- global style
i thin that the global style is a bit outdated, you could easily use the concept and initial idea to create something really way more modern than what u have here …

3- execution
u have a good opportunity to get much more into a more modern style by simply using the pathfinder and withdrawing the foot shape from the back, for instance … at the stage it looks more like a problem of execution indeed

4- typo
this is quite flat at this stage , the typo should involve more font combination and would require a real touch of originality …

thanks for your advice

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u are welcome if u feel like u have clues enough pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: