Why This Item not sold yet, I wonder.


I am searching for an answer, actually Reasons. I have an Item on Graphicriver, which to me a better quality than some of mine others. So what made me surprise that My less standard quality item even sold at least for once but not this one or like this one. There must be some logical reasons that I want to know. I am not worried but I want to learn. Please help me and suggest me from your experience.

Here is the link of my Item.


There could be hidden reasons such as marketing. Other authors may have the power of many popular social network profiles or own their own successful website. It could be a mix of various types of marketing that brings instant traffic to their items. They may use tools and services to reach out to contacts/followers via email or RSS.

So on that note. If I were you I would ask those authors directly. Those who create graphics similar to yours and sell quickly. Maybe get to know one that appears to be where you are in-terms of portfolio size and discover their digital-footprint.

Do you make videos of the creation process?

I don’t sell graphic design work so I don’t know exactly how it is done. However I do vision creating a 30 second video of my work in progress and a further 30 seconds showing the finished product. This gives you an excuse to post on YouTube, Facebook video and even stream live on Twitch Creative while doing your work.

Actual Feedback

Alright so as a business owner I’m looking at this as a potential customer because I do plan to start buying more on Envato. This brochures colours suits my logo so it caught my attention. I could buy this and work with it.

However the initial impression may be a bad one for some. There is a man shouting, the word “TOXIC” in large font and “YOUR PROBLEMS” also in large font. I almost expect it to be a leaflet I would find in the waiting room of a Doctors surgery about mental health issues or drug addiction.

I know all of that can be changed. I know this is just one example of many possible uses. However what feeling does it install on a visitor? It’s worth considering the feelings you stir up a potential customer because some people out there are sensitive or just having a bad day.

So instead of “YOUR PROBLEMS” how about “YOUR STRENGTHS” as an example?

Thanks you so much your kindness. This response means a lot for me.

I think the images are too small in the preview, the concrete has too much of a grunge look, when you should be going for clean and minimal, I’d get rid of the drop shadows, and you should go for somethign a bit more ‘generic business’ than the shouty guy. Apart from that… looks pretty good!

Try to replace the front image with other image…the one that more friendly :relaxed:… at the end you just need to be patient @RS_DESIGN2015, My team start with just a few sells in a month, but then we work harder and we almost get 200 sells by now. Good luck for the sale. :slight_smile:


It’s so Inspiring… Thanks a lot…


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Could be that it has only been on there for a month, have patience my friend, greatness comes to those that wait, as does the bus!