Why this is rejected? What’s wrong with it?

Why this template was rejected? They haven’t described what’s the reason.
I’m a newbie and this is my first ever upload.

hi I think that the situation can easily be summed up. Pls do not take this in the wrong way or personally or whatever , ok? but the fact of the matter is that I do not see who would spend time money to buy such a card indeed … for people to buy it takes either that they identify that they will save time or that they understand that they can offer things above their personal skills in terns of design. Well, the problem here is that there is none and if u analyze the time that a personal would take to recreate this , this is just a couple of minutes as there is close to no graphic design here , so why would anybody buy and why would a reviewer accept such a file with so very little commercial potential? Let’s face it, at the moment , the item is made of a few lines of text , some lines which do not necessarily look perfectly executed and ,a logo meant to be replaced and thus not included in the main file and plain color background. This is really not enough if u ask me, especially in such a context of saturated market with lots of guys in town and really a lot of items in the catalogue already … in addition, sorry to say just this but the preview file’s texts are not super readable and definitely not popping out at all which does not help

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