why this flyer was not accepted again? I tried to make a unique design but reject again

This will be 100% rejection. Until you learn how typography and other graphic design principles works you will end up with lots of rejections.

please help me correct the mistakes. Exactly what is lacking and how to correct it

@n2n44 told you many times what your mistakes are. There is no point to tell you the same thing again.

Search these terms in Google and try to learn

  • global look and feel
  • titling and headlines
  • typo combinations or paring fonts
  • readability and hierarchy
  • alignment and spacing
  • contrast
  • color combinations or color theory
  • composition

Also learn about fundamentals

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Balance
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I can almost guarantee that:

  • treating feedback as a shopping list of things to correct without understanding the theory and reasoning behind that

  • by (trying to) correcting things in dribs and drabs and after just a few hours

Will almost certainly lead to more rejections.

You can’t be missing basic design fundamentals and in the same project rush things out.

FYI aside from the valuable feedback from others, the main title is badly spaced and the 50% which should be a major component is very very flat and lacking in styling or prominence

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pls contact me through my profile page , i will try to help u via email that will be more convenient

what do you think friends. I try to correct tpography, spacing, hierarchy, aligment is it good than before

No improvement.

I try to correct typography, spacing, hierarchy, alignment

No you didn’t correct. All the issues are still there.

What I told you earlier means learning and understanding. Changing things in hurry doesn’t help you.

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unfortunately this is not any better …

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This is how your flyer should looks like nowadays.
I done this in 25 minutes.
You can try to recreate it if you want to learn.


wow :+1: the best flyer i’ve ever seen

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Nice this job


simble and very professional.

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