Why this flyer got hard rejeted ? How i can inproved my Quality ???


Is this a preview file of your image?

hi maybe the first problem is that this is item clearly looks more than inspired from a famous author here , namely Stylewish. Then , judging by the colors, i am quite sure that this item has been made in rib rather than cmyk. Next there is a misbalance between upper and lower parts, the upper part being much more crammed than the lower one. I also tend to believe that there is a complete disconnection between a party and the design which looks very much nature oriented , without anything reminding us off human activity …There are a collection of issues related to alignment/ spacing, especially in the central big shape. The club is not given the right place and is relegated in what u have to the level of secondary information, which is not done when it comes to branding and potential buyer’s desire to promote their places. For hierarchy, u also have a collection of strange things in the footer. DJs are bigger than the club, doors open also as big as the clubbed “doors…” is bolder that featuring which makes no sense as regard to the big importance u have given to the DJs. Hard to identify why the two stripes coming to collide with the central big circle are not aligned with each other , but maybe this is an “artistic choice”, though not sure this is profitable for the aesthetics of your design. The collection of small leaves at the bottom look pretty strange and unrealistic , especially considering that u do not have the same in the other side …

cutting of priview image.

cutting from preview image