Why this flyer design hard rejected ?

Dear Authors please help me.

hi indeed, this a rather clean style but i think this is still a bit “raw” i mean maybe introducing somne gradients and and son in the shape would make the item look more worked out and modern indeed, but most importantly u have a real issue with typo for thumbnail decsription the" buy your…" and “your privateoasis” , u have to introduce a bit originality through typo combinations and make sure that this is more readable and more outstanding, thus that u have a better hierarchy of information, all is a bit too flat at this stage indeedc


oh the text in the circle and the ellipse itself need to be more worked out too, u need to keep some spacing between the texts and the edge of the ellipse. i am not sure about the color of the text in the bottom of the flyer too, maybe changing from black to a bit dark blue or a white owuld be better


Hi, Color communication and text alignment have many problems in your design…
your should more study about color communication & about text…

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