Why this business card was rejected,please tell me


One of the first reasons for rejection is the aggression of the emergence of icons because it is black and also you can better coordinate texts and highlight the words below

Only this reaso?

your logo and the information under are too compact … it looks like it is choking out there … plus the logo side is very flat … there is nothing but an arc-like shape and a logo … two minutes and any one even not an expert can do the same … so why would people buy this?
the other side is more interesting , though hard to understand why we have rounded shapes in one side and angular ones in the other one … this makes no sense and creates no harmony … keep the version of the information side indeed, and adapt the logo side …otherwise make sure that information of the header and footer are well aligned …make the icons pop out from the background they are almost invisible right now … and thus useless …

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