Why this business card is rejected? Is there any solution or guideline for me to go ahead?

Typography need rethinking

The hierarchy among elements esp on the back needs work

Hard to tell from that angle but the back looks quite crowded with some alignment issues

The globe and QR on the front feels unnecessary and out of place

You would not have a QR code on both the front and back of a card

The hexagonal icon borders make it feel quite dated


Excepting the basic issues your business card has nothing creative. There is no guideline for how to be creative, you are or you are not.

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Thanks for your guideline and advise. I will try to do well at the next time…

Thank you…

hi, i am sorry to say just this , as i have no doubt that u felt like doing your best with this item, but i personally cannot find anything positive to say about the card that u have created indeed … for me the global organization looks messy and , i guess partly due to the introduction of the qr code in unlikely places. But indeed, as of now, what is a real deal for me this is the eyes get lost in the process of finding the information out of strangely positioning elements on the card. Besides, if u know what « z-shape reading process » actually is indeed the name of the card holder is strangely placed as placed in the sideway, out of impact zones determined by the very same process … in addition, the color that u have chosen for the main preview is making very little sense, not only as regard to the function but also in terms of bringing something punchy to the table. The rather « low » contrast between the background and the concerned elements does not help to make them pop out indeed. The icons are very flat otherwise. They look like photoshop presets, which is no way a good idea to create a « wow effect » or simply to make the design look more complex and more worked out and ultimately generate some interest from potential buyers. BTW, the bullets changing shape under is of no help visually speaking, this looks rather like killing the unity and harmony rather than any other thing. Originality is good if this is efficient in the end and i personally do not identify it this way. As a matter of fact , the disturbing part is that the concerned shape is inspired from the logo that u have put out there but i guess u can understand that potentially buyers will not have the same and that such a shape may make very little sense for this very reason … The QR code with colors inside, i usually find this awful looking and here this is unfortunately no exception. I would recommend to forget about this idea. i also consider the globe icon as not reaching the target … visually this is flat and common and , to be honest we have trouble to understand why the thing is so very big if linked, as we can imagine , to the website … Part of the « lacks » that u have here is that u have close to no work at all when it comes to the background.

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Thanks Mr. n2n44 for your kind information & guidelines. I really appreciate & thankful to you… :gift_heart:

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