Why there are no more music contests?

I remember that during the last three years Envato has produced numerous music contests to direct the production towards some specific style. We’ve had contests for Latin music, dubstep, and so on. It is a long time there are no new actions like this. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a new contest soon?. If a was to choose a specific style/category I would do it to New Age. Why not? :slight_smile:


Good new post - how about comedy / cartoon?

Yes, why not?. I dont think is an easy stuff to work on. Who knows? Maybe nowadays that Star wars is Disney…? Maybe cartoons are the future

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Cartoon John Williams…now there is a thought…hmmmmmm…brain now ticking over.

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Comedy/cartoon is a brilliant idea @gballx
More original than all these inspiringupbeatmotivatingukuleletralala tracks… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I think I shall do one as tomorrow’s project.

Apparently making a movie of the genre comedy is the most difficult there is compared to other genres. Because it’s not easy to make people laugh

I think the same idea can be translated for music. Make a song in Audiojungle that can make you laugh … hummm That is hard work

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Many people laugh when they hear my music…


Agreed it is a really difficult genre but it also so rewarding and a sense of accomplishment to do it authentically.

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Indeed I think it’s production would just be affordable for that old school real musician related niche

Strange thing : it’s the same for me…

Great thread! How about a hip hop contest! Funky breakbeat, chillwave, tropical contests! These are all niches with huge potential!

Envato seems to have switched to monthly"made with Envato" buyer-centered contests. I think maybe there hasn’t been an AJ contest for awhile because the focus has shifted away from needing content to rejecting content. I mean, they have a cap on how many tracks you can upload…doesn’t seem like having a contest that will encourage authors to create and upload even more music is something they want to do at this point, but who knows, maybe. I still remember the peer-reviewed trailer contest - that was pretty fun.


Man I’ve lost in all of them. I feel relief knowing the contests are off :stuck_out_tongue:

Better yet: we create a gif that has comedic music accompanying it, and make use of that giant gif thread someone started where people just post gifs.

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