Why themeforest rejected my html template based of quality standard?

Hi guys,

Themeforest decide that my template isn’t at the quality standard required.:cry: Is that to simple to be premium? Or are technical issues? Should I work more on premium elements/pages? Can anyone give me some reasons so I know where I’ve messed things and what to correct so I not repeat same mistake again?

Demo here

Thank you for all your time!

yes, it’s too simple and generic


Got it, something else, anyone?

Accent color looks really outdated – it’s similar to some default Bootstrap colors. And there are lots of issues with typography / spacing

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Thank you for feedback!

Other suggestions?

Your template is very simple and basic for so hard rejected.

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one error check w3c validator your template:


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That is a Warning is not an Error, saw it on other templates also, I guess :).