Why the X close button has been removed i think the user bad experience has increased...

I do recommend to re-add the close button in live preview

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I saw that also don’t know why they do it or site issue lets tagging a envato engineer team hope he will reply to us.
@rosssimpson could you please tell us why item preview close button invisible ?

Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market

The first experiment we ran focussed on the Call To Action in live previews for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items. We found that having the iFrame and a consistent display of the ‘Buy now’ button resulted in a significant increase to conversion. The best performing variant not only increased conversion, it also resulted in sales for the largest number of authors, and the largest variety of individual items sold.

More info here:

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There are themes and plugins that do not work correctly in an iframe… a very bad decision!!!


I agree with @FWDesign that it can present issues running in an iframe. It would be far more beneficial to have the option BUY and then an option to close the IFrame itself. For me as a customer yes it has put me off, and I see no merit in this at all - if people want to buy a script or theme, then they will do this regardless. It’s as annoying as pop up ads on websites telling me to accept cookies, allow push notifications, or accept that my privacy is at risk. For me personally it just means extra clicks to close the iframe, and actually truly experience what the theme looks like in real terms.

iframe issues with themes in envato site:forums.envato.com

Will show that it hinders website themes more than help convert sales. Many forum topics have covered similar issues.

Live Preview Only show “Buy Now” button, is that normal? or is that Envato experiment to gather data?

All laravel script and also browser permission related item are not working properly for this problem. we hope Envato engineer will re-add the close button again

For those that are interested, I’ve created a custom Chrome extension to add the “Remove Frame” back.

You may download it from the following URL:
My Github Repo