Why the trendsetting algorithm should be updated.


As we all know, a year ago or so Envato has implemented the new system of Trendsetters. That was an excellent idea because such feature giving a great opportunity for new items, plus authors could earn a new shiny badge.

But eventually, people started to crack a system.
While Envato doesn’t share the details of the Trendsetting algorithm, it is evident that this depends on comments per item and other things like views, sales, etc. Usually, ~25-30 comments are enough to earn such a fake reward and also get some priority in the search engine, what is honestly, entirely unfair.

So my suggestion would be to review the Trendsetting algorithm once more and maybe make it a bit less sensitive to comments variable or remove it at all because people are gaming the system so hard. The item can’t make a new “trend” only because the one got ~30 (mostly fake) comments and 0 sales, this is ridiculous.

Just my 2 cents.
Thank you.


I think we need to combine Comment + Reputation. User who has more badge will also have more Reputation. Otherwise, do not count it in trendsetter.

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I totally agree with you. If a system has been cracked (“feedback 4 feedback”), you have to adjust the algorithm.


Right thoughts, right words, we need right action. :slight_smile: Agreed.

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Absolutely spot on Vlad!

erm…no comment.


I’m new to AJ. Never knew and heard about that algorithm. Thank you for the knowledge!

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I’m 100% agree with you
Just hope that Envato will react quickly and make some positive changes in short amount of time

I support !!! Instead people looking for a quality product but search engine gives not the right product !!!

Hi everyone, actually to be honest there is no way of becoming trendsetter by high amount of comments. Tho I completly agree that the feedback 4 feedback thread is really a useless thread and it is for items that won’t go far…we all have seen that track with 0 sale and 20.-30 comments saying ‘‘nice track’’, ‘‘Good job’’, ‘‘Super’’ and I can write a book by those fake comments! I recevied the trending badge 3-4 times. So basically the algorithm is based on sales in a certain amount of days and then afte sales it will get based on true pageviews (by true pageviews I mean the real pageviews with a minmum time spent staying on that page by clients). Just a quick exmaple is themeforest: most items on themeforest have a pretty good amount of comments and they won’t become trendsetters by that. As far as I know if the item gets about 4-5 sales in a day the item will become a trendsetter and the same goes for certain amount of sales that an item gets per week/month and it should be a quite new and freshly uploaded item (not older than 3-4 months). There are currently 70 trending music items that all have a good amonut of sales in certain period of time and I checked them all (:sweat_smile:) and none of them have just comments…to become trendsettters.
Oh also if an items becomes the free file of month that item also beocomes trendsetter :slight_smile:

However there is just this item that has the trending badge with one sale and 17 comments so yeah there might be some hacking here and there :triumph:

But there is also this item that has only 2 comments and 1 sale and has also the trendiung badge (I assume beacuse the track is drum n bass/ future bass and that is the trend now(?)…I really don’t know)


Really interesting thread! Thank you guys. I didn’t know anything about the trendsetting algorithm. So I agree the update

Hello ,
I guess the basic row of trending items set for trending items last 24 hours is set by the rewievers itself. The development the next days, months could/will base on comments, likes, prewiev downloads, sales, plays etc.

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@BeachVibes Reviewers have not such power of trendsetting an item…that’s so far out of their agreements as a reviewer.

Ok thanks. Just a thought.

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Also the “Sort by: Trending Items” is broken since forever. You put that and tracks with no sales are higher than songs whose have recently sold. Unless I am misunderstanding its purpose there is something to fix there too…

I don’t think the comments have anything to do with an item being trending or not. It’s probably a combination of how many times it was viewed, added in collections, favorited and sold over a certain period of time.

Kain X Theory

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Just to follow up on this… one of latest items has been trending 4 times in a month now, and it has nothing to do with comments indeed… it only has three comments… it was purely based on views and sales.

yep, I also saw that happening. Seems like they adapted it.