Why the theme was rejected!

I could not understand the rejection of our scheme, why are you rejected?



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Hi there:

Sorry, your wordpress is very messy, bad typography, too basic, etc but you need practice more for approved themeforest.


people love our theme, they do not see any flaws. It is more important for us to love people’s appetite. Thank you.


Your reviewer team is Themeforest, not your customers. Theme is old styled


Your theme looks good for me. However, themeforest has some not completely understood the terms. Unfortunately, they don’t give reasons even with a good overall theme. I also struggle with the problem of rejection of my theme.

I think that the main problem may be the incompleteness of watereffects. Add a smooth hover to all links, add hover thumbnails etc.

Don’t let it go. Good luck!

Why do we have to comply with the ridiculous standards of Themeforest?
My standards are people’s likes. :wink:

Create own marketplace with own rules. To my mind HTML and PSD quality now is the worst quality for 4 years.

First of all, the texts are not in English. On themeforest the demo should be in English.


thank you. You’re right about that.