Why the Resolution visual and bakery composer has to pay for activate?

i’ve purchased Xstores which included all the premium plug in, it always asking for activation code to activate after i installed

You don’t need to activate them to use them. Ignore the activation message.

More information: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

You don’t need to activate them.

If Visual Composer is included into a theme that you’ve purchased, then you don’t need to register and get the license of Visual Composer. The Visual Composer and other plugins (if there are more of them, like Slider Revolution) will work fine and you don’t need to buy additional license.

But, when there is a new version of Visual Composer, you can’t update it until the theme author does not update the theme and version of Visual Composer which is included in theme.

On other side, you can buy license for VC (to activate it) and to have the latest version (easy update - no wait for theme author update) but that also can be a problem - what if the latest version of VC is not compatible with your theme? In that case, you still need to wait until the author update the theme - and that is in your situation.


ok TQ…another question…im new to website development user .wana ask where can i download the sample psd size file for the dummy banners from Xstores after i imported? so i can directly use the size in PSD and change image .TQ