Why the product is rejected


You can not ask somebody to taste your cookie when you bring them only a crumb.

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Where is the video ???
How we can see it ?

It has a nice intro. But there is a cut between first and second shot that i guess is not ok. Maybe you should work more on the reveal and perhaps on more environment details too. Just an opinion, I hope it helps.
Good Luck!

Plus the frame from 0:09 where the chain looks too simple when it’s dragging that logo. Try to enhance that segment of the animation.

To me the purpose for this animation is not clear. A 3D chain pulling a logo in the sky (?) that is not 3D as well doesn’t make much sense to me.

The way the chains fit doesn’t make much sense too.
I guess you’re focusing too much on visuals but without having a clear objective for your animation.

Thank you for all the best advice. I wish you many sales