Why the new download ID format?

Usally the downloads are themeforest-idnumber-templatename.zip as i archive all my purchases incase it gets removed from the marketplace, but each time i download the same item they now have a different ID so i will have a lot of duplicate content taking up HD space.

Don’t know when this went into effect

does staff even monitor these customer forums?

hoping to get an answer, 3 tickets werent correctly answered

Hey there, @piglabs!

I’m not sure that any staff on this forum will know much about this specific change. It’s probably in your interest to open a Help ticket where they can send your feedback to the appropriate team for consideration.



like i said, i opened 3 diff tickets, none were answered correctly, or even close to what i was asking.

Don’t repeatedly open new tickets, because that starts the process all over again. Just stick to one ticket and reply to let them know that their response did not address your concern.

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This is so annoying. Move at least this ID to end of file name