Why the Envato marketplace API does not fetch the updated support period once the user update its support.

I have to mention my issue here as Envato support does not respond to any tickets.

The market place API key does not fetch the correct support period once the user have updated its support period, here is the API format which we use: “marketplace.envato.com/api/edge/ username/ API key/verify-purchase:purchase key.json”

Does anyone know any updates on this thing?

That API endpoint is long deprecated, I’m pretty sure, and Envato probably won’t offer support for a deprecated API.

Today you should be using the new, supported, and up-to-date endpoints at http://api.envato.com/v3/

The new API implements two forms of authentication:

  • Personal Token, which is the same as an API key. Logs into the API as your account.
  • OAuth, which logs in as your buyer’s accounts and can be used to look up purchases of your items without requiring a purchase code. This is more complex.

Everything is documented at http://build.envato.com/ - take a look!

Also here’s an up-to-date composer package you can use:

Thank you for the information @baileyherbert. :blush: