Why some themes cannot be tested on local ?

wordpress’s theme: listingpro

the theme’s activation code cannot be activated on local, resulting in can’t test and develop on local.

The author also said that he has not tested whether it can be activated locally.

Is there any way to test on local?

I have bought some themes before and all can test on local.but this can not.

I really like this theme, so I bought it, but it ’s a headache to not be able to test and develop on local.

who can help me?


please get in touch with theme author and ask them support how you can use the theme in localhost untill the development process will continue. theme Author are best expert about their theme functionality. Author will be very happy to assist you. Thanks

Thank you.I see ,However, I have purchased this theme for two days, and I still can’t using it in localhost now. The author also said that have not tested active it on local, so cannot help me for the time being. I am really anxious.

as far I know theme will work fine in localhost but for theme license issues in some cases will need author help. In theme comments I can see author team has replied you many times and provided you their support systems link. you should to ask support there. It is public forum we can’t help about theme functionality. Thanks

thanks for your reply. I have consulted in the ticket before I posted , but no solution for the time being, so I came here to find out if there are other ways.

ok,thank you

It’s my test environment is wrong . I changed a local environment and the activation was successful. Thank you very much and the author team. haha,very happy!!


i am facing the same issues, can you help me?
I am using listingpro theme and Local by flywheel and activating the theme license is the issues as it shows a blank page when i do so.