Why some authors do not register their tracks in PROs?

Thanks @Vermair & @RedOctopus!

Yes, all these streams are from just ONE track from AJ, and so far only UK broadcasters are detected. I believe there will be much more detections worldwide, this is just the first result I got.

Ok ! Your free tunesat account make detections for Europe and USA so if it was elswhere you should see it.

I think a UK broadcaster bought your music. Did you get a Music Broadcast (10 millions or film) license for this track ?

Then it should be easy to find who bought it and contact them. You can also contact all those TV channels and ask them. You should get paid for this.

Also PRO can help you in finding them if they have enough information about broadcast.

This track has 163 sales now. Broadcast license for it was sold at least 20 times.
This is the audio sample from the commercial TuneSat detected: https://app.box.com/s/3j32030er10i0wqzabfdm7us4oppvg7n

I believe the brand is “Wayfair”? It’s hard to tell.

Sure but we are our own best advocates. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s difficult to understand with my poor english. :smile:

Did you detect this on many channels ?

Yes, I think it’s the same commercial on 256+ detections.

Ok so it seems to be a commercial and it’s broadcasted in UK TV. Not easy to say the best way to do it. I will contact you by private message.

Yeah, but royalties from 2018 will be paid in 2019 or if it’s abroad, it can be even 2020. If that was broadcasted this year, they will have to send the cues to PRO until the end of this year. And than PRO have another few months to collect and forward it.


I’m not sure if this is the place for this question…
So I would like to register my current tracks (and future tracks) that I have here on Audio Jungle with a PRO. My question is this. Would there be any unforeseen “fees” or any other negative effects on my buyers who purchased and used my tracks before they were registered? I’m assuming that I wouldn’t receive any past usage royalties, but I just want to be sure that there is no negative effects on my past buyers once I register my older tracks.


You should receive your “past usage” royalties. If everything went fine - they were collected and they are waiting for you. I hope that PROs tracked you with your AJ nick instead of surname and IPI number.

We have to make this clear: Buyers DON’T pay any performing royalties when they buy the track or when they use it in their project. If the project is a TV adv and placed in a TV station, the TV station will pay the PRO for this usage. The buyer (producer of the TV adv) will have to give all the information of the music composer to the TV station. In few words they must not care too much if the composer of the track is registered with a PRO

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Excellent! Thanks for your answers RedOctopus!

@RedOctopus I need your advice in something… I produce music for a kids cartoon, I have already registered this track to BMI, the producer of the cartoon has already prepared the cue sheet with my surname. Will I have a problem if in the end of each cartoon episode will say “Music by blackstop” or it doesn’t matter…? Thank you in advance

It does’t matter :slight_smile:

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Hey Turpak,

try to contact BMI london, tell them that you have difficulty filling your file correctly, it is almost done for me


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Yeah Wayfair is a massive national furniture brand in the uk. I think I’ve seen this ad before

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Thanks, that’s helpful!

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Well, one could argue that for example in the case of YouTube streaming (where one Music Standard Licence covers up to 52 videos in a “series”) there is no additional “royalties” for each and every stream. The videos can have 0, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 views, and the licensed music is still “royalty free”.

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Hey, thank you for this information! I’ll definetely try it!

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