Why soft rejected file got hard rejected after review

One of my file was soft rejected For "
Please remember to format your titles properly. Example: “This is the File Title” – Capitalize the first letter in each word. Small words like “of” and “an” may be lowercase" After Soft Reject i review it and again upload properly.
Bad it got hard reject but dont know why First time got soft reject And second time hard reject.
N:B picture Attached

first thing reviewer asked you to format your title with capitalize not asked to change the title. in your screenshots I can see the final title is different from the soft rejected title, totally a different title. 2ndly the reviewer mentioned rejected because of quality standard.

hi this can possibly happen if u turn out not to follow the instructions that u have been given inside the soft rejection message. Soft rejections are meant for u to fix things that maybe a problem, but if u fail to do so , reviewers may feel that this is a waste of time and simply hard reject the file after u were given the opportunity to fix things > for next time just do things like this > Abstract Modern Dark Luxury Background and the thing will be ok :slight_smile: