Why so many OLD WordPress plugins in Elements

I’ve taken a look at items I would be most interested in, pre sale, before purchasing the elements subscription.

I’d like to know why you don’t require authors who participate in the elements portion of your site, to keep their items up to date with current versions of WordPress. It is obvious many of the plugins you include in your elements program aren’t current. Why would I purchase something that is riddled with outdated products?

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Hi Multivariate,

Your request is reasonable. From my understanding, most item updates in marketplaces in general (not only Envato) are done on demand, except in case the authors are working on these items currently. The WordPress “version” updates will keep happening and the plugins will keep compatible and will work, although the “Tested” WordPress version declared for the plugin does not match (this is a single textual variable). And it happens on WordPress.org too.

Anyway, if you find an item that isn’t working on that conditions, you can contact the author and he will fix it. These authors were specially chosen and approved to sell their items on Elements, so you can trust they will help ASAP.

Hi webdesigntrade,

That sounds wonderful, but in reality, there are WordPress plugins being offered that show the tested up to version of WordPress to be less than WP 4.9 or further back. Many things have changed since WP 5.0 that make older plugins either unsafe or non functional. Why doesn’t Envato require that authors provide updated testing with WordPress?

I agree, authors should keep the items tested/updated to the latest WordPress version, but I don’t think this could be set as a “guideline” requirement by Envato, they can only recommend the practice. This issue happens on Themeforest and Codecanyon too, and authors mostly keep their items tested/updated based on customer requests. For example, some authors have about 20+ items and are working in parallel projects, and WordPress updates can happen two times a week, it wouldn’t be productive to test/update all items for every WordPress update. Thinking as a customer, I want all items always updated, but thinking as a developer, I need to focus on productivity and fix issues of “on sale” items mainly based on customers demand.

Two times a week is rather exaggerated. Authors who follow what WordPress is actually doing do not have such issues. When there are security updates with WordPress, sometimes there can be a surprise release. But that isn’t the norm.

Envato can make such requirements. I personally believe Envato chooses to include items that aren’t kept up to date. I believe, it is poor judgement selling items you know aren’t up to date, and authors who choose not to keep items they have in Elements current should have their items removed. Those authors should not receive compensation for items not kept current.

Boasting of multitudes of items, regardless of quality keeps me from purchasing, even with a sale on. I am one who is more interested in WordPress items more than anything else. So, I won’t purchase. I believe there are a lot of people who think similarly.

Envato is about making money above everything else. That’s pretty much the gest of it all. In my opinion.

Yes, I exaggerated, sorry. Anyway, despite of that, consider that Envato is a mainstream company in the industry. I know you have a valid point, but having items updated or not may be tolerable if they work. Envato has a recognizable collection of assets that are being purchased and composing projects everyday, by years. In the worst scenario, if an item does not work, you can generate a refund request.

I’ve been purchasing from Envato for years. I’ve never been satisfied with the way Envato handles customers. I like some of the products on the CodeCanyon site but otherwise, their mainstream arrogance leaves a poor taste.

I don’t buy when I see items I know will not fully function with current WordPress versions. As stated, I see Envato promoting items that aren’t up to the standards I need to see in order for me to buy into their subscription

Being able to generate a refund request is a great way to sell things. I must remember that. I happen to know, getting one is another matter.

100% agree. Your wasting customers’ time showing them with plug-ins that have not been updated.

I’m trying to find supported plug-ins yet I keep being presented with WP plugins that haven’t been updated for several years.

Quite frustrating and I suspect that Envato is going to hurt itself by promoting and selling out-of-date products which most likely will compromise WordPress sites. The upside of selling unsupported products does/will not exceed the PR nightmare to come.