Why selling template rights thread are not allowed?

I’ve seen in forums that it is not allowed to open a thread discussing selling of template rights. Considering such threads are just an announcement that certain template rights and available for sale and anybody interested can contact original author via private channels for discussion.

Why is it not allowed?

We currently don’t allow the advertising of selling rights to items on the forums. This is particularly the case with those looking to sell their items already available on the Marketplace, as trying to do that comes with a huge warning.

You’re welcome to look for partnerships on the forums if you like, but the forums are not to be used as a place to sell your goods or rights to your items.

Hope that helps :smiley:

Well, this I already know. I was looking for the reason why this is not allowed, is there any legal issue or something else?

It’s because of the risk involved. If a user were to buy the rights to an item and was unable to upload it to their account, I imagine they wouldn’t be very happy about that. Particularly if they could point back to the forums and say “But it was advertised for sale on forums…why can’t I upload it?”

It’s just way too risky and we’d rather the forums not be used for things that put our users at risk. Thanks!

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Thanks, but the same risk exists for partnership threads e.g. any party can back away after agreement but Envato had made it clear that those threads only depict potential opportunity for any interested party and any agreement should be made privately between interested authors and in case of any conflict Envato will not become a party.

Why the same policy could not be adopted for the selling rights?