Why Sale are down in the month of December 2019?

Hi, Please anybody can tell me why the sales are so down from the start of the month of December 2019. 70% sales are down. please help me about this. I don’t know about that weakness is from my side or any other reason. ?

We usually see a dip in December as well, and we don’t know for sure why this happens - only that it’s a typical pattern. But we’ve always attributed it to a combination of factors such as 1) the Black Friday rush at the end of November, 2) the Christmas holiday (since majority of our sales are US based, and many freelancers have families, when their kids have 2 weeks off school they are busy being parents not freelancers) and 3) lack of motivation in DIYers (these folks will wait until January 1st when they make a resolution).


Thank you. hope soon well. :slight_smile: