Why Reviews page is not public ?

Hello Everyone,
I’m wondering why the author’s reviews page is private ?
I’m talking about this URL https://themeforest.net/user/USERNAME/reviews ?
and it is not a good idea to make it public ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Individual item reviews are public - it probably reduces confusion to not bunch them together


Maybe he have 1-2 review for his theme.
When he will get 3 reviews, that page can be visible.

If i’m wrong, please correct me.


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Yes you’re right,

Take a look at this :


It can help customers to take an overall idea about the reviews of this author when visiting his profile,

PS : this page displays the reviews of all items,

Maybe Envato can consider make it public :slight_smile:

I’m speaking about this page : https://themeforest.net/user/payothemes/reviews

It wouldn’t be right:

  • they may have had issues with one item out of many which could distort how they appear

  • issues with one item is not necessarily connected to or relevant to another item

  • there is still a % of unfair/false/uninformed reviews (that’s speaking as a buyer NOT an author) which again makes over exposure tough on authors


To add to this, having reviews public in a page like this would make buyers consider that as “Author Rating”, which it is certainly not. Ratings are expressed individually per item, since these are actually named “Item Reviews”. Placing them on the main account would most likely make them seem like “Author Ratings” for the buyer. Not the best idea.

+1 to @charlie4282’s other arguments.