Why reviewing process takes much time?

I’ve submitted a Flyer Template into Graphic River. It’s been 4 days. But it’s still under review. Why it takes too much time.

hi this is summer holidays in some places and quite frankly 4 days or a bit more is definitely not a long time … just be patient a little bit lol

Oh. Thanks :grin:

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u are welcome , u have to figure out the way reviewing is made has changed … beforehand there seemed to be a global queue and now it seems that items are being dispatched to reviewers , so this means that some items that u posted a few hours ago can actually be reviewed before some that u may have posted a few days back , anyway, that doe snot change anything in particular , just be patient , waiting a bit is not a big deal …

4 days is quick. Couple of months ago we wait 15 days .