why review itam dosen,t show my deshbord ?

11 days the design ws in review one my profily but now it’s not showing My dashboard i haven’t received any Email.Please let me know if the design is not being rejected or if there is any other problem

hi this was rejected for sure, if u ask me … do not get me wrong this does not mean that the work is really not good, but the bottomline is that such items are countless in the catalogue, already … look , color associations, dispositions ,used images, text placement, percent bullet, used shapes are all inspiring a really big deja vu feeling … there is also little bit of a spacing issue in the main title section and alternating text colors is not always synonymous of efficiency when it comes to readability, may even add that this is sometimes making very little sense as far as hierarchy , exposure and contrast go … I identify why u did just this , of course, but look, this is also very strange to have all company information being very small completely at the bottom of the kakémono and absolutely not springing out in any way … while this type of product is typical made for people to see it from far away and that companies feel like being contacted by potential customers …

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