Why reversal of sale item(New Year Flyer) after 1 month?

New Year Flyer was sold on 30th December, 2018 and after 1 month(on 7th Feb 2019) its gets reversal. Who knows he/she haven’t used that flyer?
Is this the right way for reversal after one month? Is there any reversal policy? How can reversal take place after a month?
There should be special policy for holidays/occasion flyer. Otherwise, buyer will buy it, use it and after that put reversal request.

Let me know what is the problem ?



Here is about Envato Sale/Reversal.

We can’t do anything about reversal! this fraud process from that credit cardholder/payment process.I ensuring that he/she will not able to download your item again.it is a bit difficult for me is he/she used your item or not
if you have any other question you can getting touch with Envato customer success.


hi buddy reversal should not exist in any case, especially such a long time afterwards when all delays of retractations are legally over, besides retractation delays should not exist either for this sort of material as once a numerical content is downloaded there is no way to control the use … and we know what very often happens after reversals, if u know what i mean …

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sale reversal Bad Luck! actually a very few buyers (number is very small but exist) are not honest here. what has happened here is that an unauthorized purchase was reported or a user filed a chargeback and has resulted in a reversal of the funds (Envato has not received the money for the item). the buyer’s access to download the item has since been revoked for the unauthorized transaction and their account has been disabled.

Is there any timeline for reversal? As reversal take place after 1 month. If the purchase was unauthorized, he/she should report ASAP.

The main issue is timeline. Here I got reversal after 1 month. It was New Year Flyer and he/she may be report after their purpose completed.

actually it occurs by dispute through third party payment provider. they don’t come through envato refund system. totally unauthorized purchase and dishonesty about payment. If you would like to know more please contact Author Support.

I’m not sure but agree with you. they can do it! they are just like fraud i think. But in this situation we can’t do anything. Even i have received 3 reversal also on my profile but nothing can’t do. No one don’t know about when its happened.

Good luck for you.

There is no reason in the world for any reversals. I got recently a complain for a free file. This was the mots hilarious complain I ever received. He ask for refund.


yeah next time u will be asked to pay for people to download your item lol