Why rejected ?

A little help please !
I want to know why it was rejected?

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You need to improve your skills, especially with typography. You’ve got a boring looking font and text positioned at random. When doing a typography layout you need to place your text on a grid so that each part is aligned in a way that looks tidy and appealing. Keep browsing designs on graphic river and keep working, and your designs will continue to improve. Good luck!

Thank you very much ToivoMedia
You can help me with some advice ? id skype : paun.madalin4
Thank you again !! a beautiful day

There are some problems:

The colors do not contrast.

Typography needs to be crafted as well as alignment.

The project needs to be better thought out. See, for example, the third image. The space reserved for the logo is very small - you have to think that the most varied clients need to have everything ready, they will only modify the texts and the logo.

You can use guides, rulers and a palette of up to 4 colors (Material Colors is a good idea) to improve your project.

Good luck on future items.

Thank you Leopardnell for advice