Why rejected this tracks?

ALL GOOD DAY! FRIENDS, Please help me!


No melody and mid bulge?

Epic World
I think track rejected because sound is raw. When I listen it I have feel that I listening demo, not mixed track.
Uplifting Rock
Rhytm theme is cool, but solo to my mind can be better. It’s very specific. Crash sound is very bad.
Also there is same problem with mixing like in “Epic World”.

Good luck in your future works. Wish you many approves!)

Try to get more balance in your mixes. In Uplifting rock guitar theme sounds a bit rough and like a midi. Make it sounds more live and natural.
Wish you all the best and getting your tracks approved.

Hello, musicians
To improve the quality, I’d like to understand what exactly quality team of Envato means by "This submission does not meet our general commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard»? This submission has bad mixing or mastering or any bad sounds? I read rules about quality, and in my ear all the appropriate in this item. Of course many of you have more experience, to explain. Сould you tell more exactly what does not meet the standards of Audiajungle market?

Regards, Indumukhi

this is a nice track but the following could have caused a rejection:

  • the track fades in. Fade ins and outs should be avoided.
  • the guitar sounds out of tune at the start and the rhythm is unprecise. The guitar also sounds a bit dry towards the end and doesnt match the sound of the rest of the instruments.
  • The first vocal line is out of tune
  • the bird sounds are probably the main reason this was rejected. Avoid use of enviromental sounds and sfx as this narrows down the possible uses of your track. You could alternatively make a main version without and a alternate version with bird sounds

Hope this helps and good luck!

Thank u! yes, it really helps!

@LuckyBlackCat, @DPmusicStudio Thank you very much, you helped me a lot! :smile:

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You are welcome!