why rejected the the flyer template help to improve my skill

Your flyer is clean but there is nothing unique here. There are millions similar flyers out here.


Thank you

well this is globally tasteful and this need to be underlined but indeed, if wanna know i feel, there is a global lack of originality all the same and in such a context where there is a very wide range of products in the catalogue, this basically means that u do not bring anything to the table. In addition, i would personally underline a rather limited commercial potential insofar as such an item can be redone rather quickly and without struggling too much (so without having really amazing skills or knowledge) so that potential buyers may feel like that this is not necessarily worth the drive paying for the item as they would not save such a significant time anyway. I personally tend to believe that the logo part is from impressive and rather flattens your item rather than take it to the next level, especially with a bullet under like this, which makes the logo looks massive and lacking finesse o refinement. otherwise, too bad that u did not decide to create « an echo » of the white frame on the upper part and create a blue frame for the lower one. This maybe just a detail but all details matter after all and can sometimes make a real difference if u ask me. I would finally underline that part of the reason why the item looks kind of rather plain is that there is close to no work at all as regard to the background.