Why rejected? Please HELP me

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Nice work! very epic and smooth movements

My guess would be, the superhero images you are using as placeholder are under copyright.
Check out unsplash.com lots of high quality images you can use for free.

Was it a soft or hard reject?

Just my personal feedback - maybe you can add an optional placeholder text in case the customer
may want to include some information next to the cool graphic, just my 2 cents…

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Thank you
I got a hard reject

What about this?

Overall, remember to put yourself in the mindset of your potential customer
when building the file and when you are trying to present it for sale

Ask yourself
Who would use this?
For what?
If I was buying this, what would I need or want out of this?
What type of customer/business am I trying to target with this slideshow?
How can I present this like a product and not like “this is something cool i made in after effects”

It’s a fine balance between good design, technical skill, and functionality to make a good product IMO

Always keep your user/customer in mind!

Below is detailed feedback:

I am still new to the marketplace and have no sales to my name, so please take my words or leave them.
I don’t want to lead you down a rabbit hole of endless revisions.
This is only my point of view so enter at your own risk!

I see you changed the photos, however there is some inconsistencies, if it is musicians, then keep it all
musicians - try to make it look as if the photos were are all shot by the same photographer.

The message in the photos have changed, so should the music - it is still really epic more suited for the super heroes you had previously. I would say if you really like this music, maybe you could use athletes in the photos instead. Otherwise
I would change the music to fit the content.

Text option is nice, but a sits a bit low on the screen. I would bump up the point size of the type and go flush left or right of your photo screens. Super rough comp below to illustrate.

Give some more contrast n the intro and outro from the rest of the slideshow. To me it all just flows
in one direction, Type option can be more centered in
the intro and outro to give some contrast from the middle.
UNLESS you made it intentionally flow and move this way.

Closing thoughts:
Consistency is key
Be intentional

Hope any of this was helpful


Thank you so much
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