Why rejected? Please HELP me:(

I really like it, it’s very ambitious and a very unique project. However:

Background is lacking, you should at least try to fill up the empty space with some floating particles (magic dust maybe?), it should be subtle though

Why create such a detailed 3D scene and use a static frontal camera? You could zoom in on the sphere in the beginning, and then spin the camera around the object when the flickering starts to happen, this would also add a more dramatic feel to the scene.

The biggest problem however, is the ending. You can’t just fade everything away and fade in some text, that just seems lazy. You should at least zoom in to the sphere a bit while the fade out of the environment happens.

The text reveal can also be a bit more magical. Maybe a magic pixie dust trail to reveal it?

Overall though, it should be shorter. Generally for logo stings, the shorter, the better. Anything over 10 seconds, in my opinion, is overkill. If you can start with the flicker right off the bat, and fade out the environment by 5 seconds mark, it would be better.

Good luck.

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Oho! Thanks man, very match) I will try do it…

Maybe try to make a camera movement that would be much better. I hope your item will get approved very soon.