Why Rejected, no idea ;(


I am new to themforest and i had uploaded 3 html template but all 3 got HARD REJECTION. I dont know whats wrong there. Please check below link of my last project and let me know if you see any reason of HARD REJECTION, so that I won’t repeat in my future templates.

Here is the link to check

Please help me .

Thanks in Advance.


Let me have a go at giving you some pointers, design wise.

You lack consistency across the various sections of your template. For example the one with the team has those labels aligned to the left and zoom in on hover. This gesture/pattern is not found anywhere else. On the other sections you go to directional slide in on hover, then on clients you go for border highlight on hover, then on the blog sections you forget hover altogether. It’s like you’ve combined different ideas from here. You need to have an idea/mood/attitude and let that reflect throughout the whole design.

You alignments are not quite right. Like the section headings and their alignment with the cursive subheading and the horizontal line. There is something funky overthere.

The scrolling/parallax is jagged (at least on my side). I like them as smooth as possible :smile:

One more important one: your design doesn’t bring something new to the table. It’s too regular/ordinary and has been done hundreds of times. If you are new at this, take advantage of that. Bring your own personality and let it express itself. Sure you learn from others, you study their work, even replicate it, but when you what to present something original you put that aside and come up with something new (or at least strive to because it’s quite hard to be original on the web these days).

These are my impression on this and I hope it will be a kick forward for you :smile:


Thank you so much pixelgrade for such awesome suggestion. I will definately follow your instuction.