Why rejected my transprent logo design?

My transparent logo design has been hard rejected. Here is the preview of it. what is the problem???

Glass is way too fragile :smiley:

Jokes apart, it’s quite bland and I doubt it’s usability in smaller dimensions. At 16x16 it’s practically invisible in my opinion.

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hi is a vector logo? judging by how it looks, i am not sure and that maybe the problem indeed. Afterwards, the sahpe does not look super "regular"and i guess the “effect” that u have on top of it is not helping for the shape to look cleanly drawn … afterwards, u do not stand a chance to get approved here , in the logo category in particular, if u do not have much more effort of originality in terms of typo that u use … they will reject your item everytime, for sure … envato expects typo work and typoc combinations, you have to keep this in mind. IN addition, sorry to say just that but u do not have a real harmony between typo and shape which is a problem as regard to what people are feeling about your logo in a general way …
i hope i could help u a bit :slight_smile: have a good work and try to resubmit after you change things :slight_smile: