Why rejected my project?

Good day!
Guys, tell me what’s wrong with my project? There are many layers, many different animations, expressions. Why did they write to me that the project does not meet the requirements and is it too simple? I would not say that it is too simple.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Link to my project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0ducp9lbdaqgj9/Animation%203D%20Slideshow%20and%203D%20Cube1.mp4?dl=0

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Hello, My personal opinion is as follows:

Your animations are outdated so it’s stale.
Font fonts are really bad I think you should investigate.

you should add some more movement or dynamism to the transitions.

There is no integrity in the whole project.

Your link doesn’t work

Thank! Can you please tell me modern fonts?

Strange, the link works for me

according to these projects.

However, it is very reasonable to examine the projects that have always been done.

It will give you an idea if you have a look at the projects in the relevant category.

You should also investigate the font library very large.

it wouldn’t make sense to say any font.

I think it would be very useful to look at the slightly accepted content.

Thanks again for the advice

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I thank you. achievements.

hmm… Sorry for your rejection. I think you must follow relative themes. because that style is outdated. otherwise looks like little bit boring. If you can add more effective text presets and transitions. keep doing one theme for your template. following the best authors and get ideas for you next future template.
Thank you
~Motion :fox_face: