Why rejected my item, what this template issue?

I’ve created the following Night Club Flyer Template Design and it is hard rejected,
But they did not give any specific reason. So why did my Social media template design hard reject? My Night Club Flyer Template Design quality.

As new I want to know the reason.

I’m working hard to create these items and I want to know the rejection reason because I don’t want to waste my time and energy on items that will be rejected.

hi well for me the reason is that this type of items, there are countless of them… and that most importantly again, the central titles turn out not to spring out much and fail to contrast enough with the background while this is the most important piece of information and that this is situated in the most important impact zone , which looks very paradoxical

Thank you, well, now what items can I give it to be approved?

I am sorry I do not understand your question … if u want the item to be approved u can try to inspire from recommendations, for instance , otherwise, if this is a generic question, well , u can see a lotto things that are working inspire from them, bring your own thing to the table, something somehow some way new, and assume that this should make it, if u have done it all the right way …

ok thanks