Why Rejected My 404 Page

My 404 template rejected.
you help me to find the problems to be able to improve my future uploades?
My item is a 404 error page and you can see it in the following link
Any help will be great.

please help me.

Hey mate. I do like how the page looks but it can be considered basic. The reason Iā€™m saying this is because your page is comprised of a:

  • Logo & Text
  • Very Basic Looped CSS3 Transition
  • Background Image.

The visual impact of your 404 page is based on the background image and the transition, if any of these get updated the page loses what makes it unique instantly.

I think you have potential in selecting matching colors and designs, but you should check the category you aim to target and bring value to your product, as this niche is incredibly competitive and has a tone of great products that bring a lot of value.

Makes sense?
Cheers! :slight_smile:

thank you for giving me your precious time.

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