Why rejected again

My HTML template has been rejected and now why

This is better than it was, but is still miles off the standard for here.

The reason people cannot give you detailed feedback is because everything needs attention and with respect if you can’t see the errors then you are going to struggle with submitting items here.

I strongly strongly advise that you give this one up and take time to improve your skills before starting something new.

Continuing to submit below par items with minimal amends will result in your account being banned

Please mention one flaw that you saw? Is the person who works on the computer only one of the reasons for his refusal?
And thank you

The typography needs a ton of work, the shadows do not help at all, it is not optimised properly for mobile. (this is far from the only issues).

Granted this is a multipage and yours is a one page (the most crowded and competitive cateogry there is) but this is the standards you need to be aiming for in temrs of attention to detail, design quality, uniqueness, options, features functionality Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template by SemiColonWeb | ThemeForest

Or this which is only a one page template Wexim - One Page Parallax Preview - ThemeForest

Look at these then compare to yours…


Listen to what @charlie4282 is trying to say politely.

My own observations are:

  1. Get rid of that stupid mouse hover thing you came up - its totally annoying and completely worthless;
  2. Why have an email link also in the source code like below? Makes me wonder if you created the theme or tweaked one from somewhere else? See mailto link in code view

Check your own previous post

Which may also help

OK thanks I will remove mouse in computer and back it to default and this email I added I will remove it.

I am not use any code from any source
And use bootstrap studio to help me of sass code

now i see the wrong in email of image

Hi, This is completely outdated design. You can check latest poplar templates.Then you can absolve and make more quality improvements. UI/UX, Typography, Graphics/Images, Spacing and alignments. Totally you need more experience so you can check quality templates. I hope you are new don’t worry try again and again different quality designs then you will improvements after that finally your design upload one day. Remember upload is not important quality and features are important. Because Envato is not a client. So Your design required reusable and multipurpose use features are required. https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates

I understand from you that the templates are automatically rejected because it is known that they will not be followed due to the lack of sales in some themes

That’s not what @SPRUKO is saying and is not true.

The review process does consider the “suitability of an item for the marketplace” eg. Is it the same as many others already for sale? What is the likelihood that buyers would want to purchase it etc.

BUT the standard of design, code and other technical basics comes first. Those are far more important.

Hi, I hope you are mis understanding. I am saying you can spend more time for ui improvements and follow quality standards. Before that you can follow and absorve latest templates.

Hi, my suggestion any misleading ?. I hope any mistakes our previous suggestions ?

It seems fairly clear to us

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First of all, I thank you for your concern … I have currently fixed the source code errors and changed the site load system, certificates, and portfolio layout in some screens
I want what are the most terrible errors that are found now after modification?
What is the reason for acceptance and what distinguishes the form Simone Portfolio | Harnish Design.

Thank you very much

I don’t personally think much of that other template but at least:

  • it offers a few additional extras in terms of colours, layouts, headers

  • the design itself, while farily uninspiring is clean and well executed

Thank you very much for helping me until now