why reject

Hard Reject Please give Best Feedback only

Some reasons for your rejection.

  1. Fonts doesn’t pair
  2. Bad alignments
  3. Unnatural light and shadows
  4. The background doesn’t fit
  5. Blurry images

Beside that you used elements from a product named “Kitchen Ready Mockup Creator”

Are you sure you have the commercial licence to resell this elements?
Because it’s looks like you copied the elements from preview images. That’s why your images are blurry.

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hi as for me this is mainly a typo thing, though there are also some other things to improve … font pairings are not original enough and most importnaly not harmonious enough … the hierarchy is and spacing is not that good either at this stage
the cafe name and pizaa time" are strangley positioned with each other
the other info are too plain, too bold in my view, too flat too

your backgrund is too dark compared wuth what u have on top … usually contrast is good until this does not look realistic and this is what happens a bit here …i guess that making the background paler or changing it for a clearer background would really help u in my view

finally your shadows have to be given much more attention, they have to be progressive and follow shapes subtly

i guess that the picture that designsomethign showed u is proving that what we mentioned is definitely true …

i guess that the picture that designsomethign showed u is proving that what we mentioned is definitely true …

Unfortunately it is to hard for him to prove what I mention in my post.

@n2n44 You know I always try to help new authors here. But when I see people that chose “the easy way” I just react.

hi buddy, never said the other way around buddy :slight_smile: the fact of the matter is that many newbies are looking for a get rich quick place and the easy way as u mentioned when here this is the exactly other way around as this is just like the design business turns out to be in a general way … everything has to be built progressively and it takes time

though, i do not blame guys who look for this kind of get rich quick place and using methods to go pari pasu with … as, the fact of the matter is that life is tough for most of the people and temptation to go towards these “dream places” are big and to reach them by “any means necessary”, i just tend to believe that they fail to understand that this is somehow some way hurting some people in the process