why Reject wordpress theme

hi My Z-Theme has been rejected

So i don’t understand What quality Miss in this Theme

in this Theme i have develop Theme option, sidebar, header, footer widget, Custom Template etc…

Front End Better Business purpose Design home page and other pages Please check http://z.yesthemes.org/

i thing My Z-Theme fully quality able Theme option and Front End People sure buy this Theme own Business purpose…

if are you not clear What quality Miss in this Theme. we not able to solved This issue. and every time Theme has been rejected…

Really glad to see the post and demo url.

hi can you help me i don’t idea why my theme reject. i have already check theme on theme check plugin… but my Theme has been rejected. can you tell ,me how check theme quality…

and how check TF items first, you theme is far from Envato standard

can you explain…

I can only see it on mobile so can’t comment in detail yet but you have Several problems on mobile display with items being cropped, alignment throughout pages etc.

Again it’s only on a mobile screen but it already seems like spacing, typography and other fundamentals also need work

I think you should team up with a UI/UX designer or web designer to help with the design if you can handle functionality.

Your design is too basic need improvements typography, images background, etc as professional for approved sell your themes on themeforest regards.

i have use free images background here ttps://www.pexels.com/

its ok

improvements typography in front end

With respect this is nowhere near the standard for here and is far from “pixel perfect”.

  • The design basics all need a lot of work esp. typography, consistency, spacing and details

  • Several images appear stretched

  • Content is very very lazy… It lacks attention to detail and the various home, about and service pages are pretty much the same thing with/without one or two sections and a few different colors. There is nothing unique or thought out.

You need to begin with revisiting the basics and then look a finding more unique and functional features.

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