Why reject vector elements?

Hello everyone! Help me please
Tell me why the rejected item, I tried to do according to all technical requirements!:sleepy::sleepy::disappointed_relieved::sob:

I like your work. I love your sagrada familia. I searched for “corida, spain, bull and sagrada familia” and the site return me 2 pages with some awful old items in vector category. I don’t know what reviewer saw wrong on this but in my opinion your work need to pass. Please send a ticket to support.

Maybe you misspell Spain with Spaine

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I wouldn’t buy it

:slight_smile: you can do better, it looks nice but not enough


His item is not a brilliant. But in my opinion is good enough to pass (compared on existed items in vector category). Now depends on how clean is his vector.

your opinion, and my opinion is nothing :slight_smile:

will not pass I think

Believe me. I’m the most exigent guy here (near brutal in my comments). But in this case there is something I like. It is not perfect but it has potential.


Maybe the the author would consider to create a kit based on Spain theme. The item should be a hit.

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Thanks for the comments, I will try to correct, maybe then they will accept

i think that misspelling is an issue all the same as this makes the think look not as professional and carefully done as this is …

did u make sure that u have closed all paths? this is a major issue , they may reject your item only for this …
as for me i like what u have done and needless to say that u spent some time and made some efforts on this one, though i tend to believe that what they may not like is that this illustration is a bit “retro style” so to speak … when they probably look for modern things, not to mention that they may believe that this theme has low commercial potential …

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Thanks for the answer, I conclude that they have rejected this all because of a spelling error, because all the ways are closed, I treat this very carefully. In addition, before starting to work on the illustration, I looked at what my colleagues were doing and tried not to go far from the general style of work proposed in this topic.

no, i think you failed to analyse the wrong way … as i tried to explain, for me this is much more a matter of style than misspelling indeed … your illustration is cool but this is a bit in a “clipart” style in a way when they are expecting more modern and trendy styles in my view

check artebuso or memo angeles styles and u will see much more trendy styles … your items are not bad but they look like some a bit old fashion souvenir shop style …

Probably you are right … this is my first work on Graficriver and initially I wanted to include these illustrations in the animated project on Videohive, but after refusing I lost confidence in myself. I will definitely follow your advice and try to improve my style.

Thanks for the criticism. Negative result is also a result

My problem would be with the spelling of Spain. There is no ‘e’ at the end in English and it’s not Spanish either :wink:

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I agree))