why reject this design

Why reject this design. any on Help This and give some ideas

i tend to believe that the design would have looked more harmonious if u could have changed the color oof lines with points and tunrd them into a blue color. your disposition is clean but your texts are lacking a bit hierarchy and i guess that if you could have added an additional graphic touch the small vignettes, the whole flyer would have looked way better again. AS for me u should forget about the premade icons added to photoshop for the footer and create some others and tryt o make sure that the footer looks more outstanding, maybe by chancging the font, playing bold and non bold, , the colors and so on

Dear N2n44 Will you please Tell me Why Why my this Flyer Rejected.I make It in Adobe Illustrator.

hi pls check the PM message that u sent me. Indeed i think this is due to typo being not yet good enough, the readability that can be improved here and then the hierarchy of information that is not accurate enough this far but as i mentioned by PM< u have a good base to work with and what u are doing is very promising in my view