Why Reject ? Please help me.

Hello, I received a rejection notification after trying to publish space_page_theme and after a 26-hour preview. Can you please help me understand the reason for this? If there is any other information I need to provide, I can do so. Thank you in advance.

The design is very outdated and the typography etc is not doing you any favours

On mobile the navigation is glitchy and no background colour makes it unreadable

There’s no premium feature or functionality which couldn’t be found for free elsewhere and would need significantly more to it to get approved

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space_page_theme Hello, first of all, thank you for your feedback. Could you please check it again for me? I have made a lot of changes. If you approve, I will send it again for review.

if you were hard rejected then you need to be very very careful about resubmitting as it can cause your account to be blocked if there is not enough change.

with respect all the issues flagged earlier still stand.

the typography (while I know it is common in this category) is not great

the biggest issue is this is just some text columns in different layouts - you need to consider vastly more sections/pages/ features etc.

Look at this as an example of an item ion the tech and software sector Sandbox - Modern & Multipurpose Bootstrap 5 Template Preview - ThemeForest - consider the number of options, demos. layouts. unique functionality etc,. This is what you are up against and the level of expectation